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February 25, 2008

I have been working on a computer since 1982 when my father brought home an Apple ][+. It was a new world and I spent many long hours exploring how to control the system. At first, I wrote programs in Basic. I then went on to explore machine language (anyone remember call -151). My dad bought a language card that boosted the system from 48KB up to 64KB. Now I was able to explore Integer Basic. Later he added a second disk drive and I could then play around in Pascal. Yes, you could work with Pascal with just the language card but you’d be constantly flipping disks when you’d go to compile so 2 disk drives made it much easier. I wrote a program that would quiz me on Latin vocabulary. I wrote another one that my dad used for looking at stock market data in a variety of ways. Dad picked up a dot matrix printer (Epson, I think) and I also typed in papers for my mom’s classes for her B.S. and M.S. degrees as well as some of her work related documents (my first computer related job for real money).

As an undergrad studying Russian I didn’t do much with computers other than word processing and playing around with fonts. My roommates were comp-sci majors so I had some interaction with computers but not as much as before. As a graduate student in Slavic Linguistics, I took a course on programming for teaching foreign languages. The final project was a HyperCard stack intended to help students learn the Russian language using a new methodology called “Basic Sounds”. The Prof in charge of Russian language teaching at the time, Natalia Pervukhina, liked the idea and made the stack available to all students of Russian.

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