Android apps on my phone

I was the first one at work to get an Android phone. As word got around I have become the guy to go to when it comes to Android. I get asked questions about Android before they buy. I also get questions about Android after they’ve bought their new phone. One thing that people seem to appreciate is when I provide them with a list of apps to get them started.

Without further ado, here is a list of most of the apps I have on my phone. I’ve not included some of the apps (e.g., OEM pre-installed crap).

[Updated December 28, 2011]

I feel like I am all thumbs when I have to enter text using a non-swype-enabled phone. You slide your finger from letter to letter to spell.

Android system log viewer.

Wifi Connecter Library
Open Source library allowing you to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots (not stand-alone but required by Wifi Analyzer.

Wifi Analyzer
Nifty tool that shows nearby Wifi info in a couple different formats (signal strength, encrypted, etc.).

Twitter client with a stunning interface (from the makers of Beautiful Widgets).

Terminal-like application.

I am the 1%.

Google Voice
Voice messages and IM client.

Great for keeping notes, etc.

Barcode Scanner
The ubiquitous app for scanning barcodes.

For the rare times I listen to music on my phone.

Client for uploading to the cloud service.

Dolphin Browser HD
Nice browser.

Text Sizer
Dolphin browser add-on. Quickly adjust the text size in the browser.

Google Services
Dolphin browser add-on. Go to any Google service with a single click.

Dolphin Reader
Dolphin browser add-on. Shows pages without ads and other things that clutter the page.

Handcent SMS
My IM client of choice.

SMS Backup+
Backsup my IM messages to GMail.

Any Cut
Create home shortcuts to anything. One use I have is for a short cut to hidden settings allowing me to flip between 3G and 4G saving some battery power.

Identify the song that is currently playing.

Root Explorer
File browser. If my phone were rooted this app would let me delete all the OEM crap.

Raging Thunder
Cool racing app introduced to me by my nephew.

Google Sky Map
Cool app showing the night sky. Search for astronomical entities. See constellations.

Fun image recognition software from Google.

Google Reader
RSS reader of choice.

Google’s answer to Flipboard.

Easy Task Killer
I mainly use this to kill the oem apps that I never use but continue to launch themselves.

Google music client.

Reddit Mobile
Redit client.

I haven’t come across malware for android but if I do this will hopefully alert me to it. Also has find-my-phone service and other things.

Carrier IQ Detector
With all the news stories about Carrier IQ I figure I’d see if it’s on my phone (from those who brought you Lookout).

Google Docs app.

Number Guru
Nice for looking up details about a given phone number. I wish it was better integrated into the android phone system. You have to type in the phone number. If it would copy the most recent incomng phone number it would be great.

InkPad NotePad
A little note pad. Syncs notes to remote server. I use it for little notes that are not necessarily long term but would be a hassle to recreate (e.g., shopping lists).

Caller Info
Displays user location info when the call comes in.

I think this is used for drawing. I’ve never used it before.

App List
The app that generated the most of the list of apps in this post.

For those daily free apps from Amazon.

Don’t use this much. I use OS X and the code for its client is not native. Not sure how I feel about that.


Mob Wars
Very badly designed facebook app – sluggish, tiny buttons. I should remove it. Yeah, I’m one of those Mob Wars guys.

U-verse Mobile
Crappy app for managing my uverse DVR. They just slapped something together. The interface sucks but it’s all I have right now.


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